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Information For Visiting and Local Pilots.

This page contains important information, and links to detail, for local and visiting pilots. You'll find everything here you need to prepare for your visit to Edensoaring. We offer reciprocal membership with the following clubs: Currock Hill, Millfield, Burn, Lakes, Bowland Forest and Dumfries.

Daily membership is £10, however, this is capped to £40 per week and trailer parking is free for the first two days.

Members - Remember you can login to the club system to see your flying account using this link.
Your username is your member number. If you need a password reset send an email via the contact form.

The Airfield at Skelling 

The site is 900m long and is two fields long with a stone wall between and a 50m gap for launching and landing . The site is orientated NW SE which is across the prevailing wind and is only 2 km from the spurs of the fells below Crossfell

The two runways are 32 and 14.

The site starting at 560ft slopes gently down towards the NW

It is essential to walk the site before flying. See " A Walk Around The Site".

The North field is smooth with only a slight slope to the North West.corner. There is a steep sided bank down to the trees and stream to the West. There are dry stone walls and some tall trees to the East.

When approaching from the North use a reference point well into the field to counter curlover.

Note the screening effect of the trees when the wind is South Westerley.

The South field dips to the middle and down the steep sided bank to the stream to the West. There is a track crossing this field which has now been filled with white stone ( can be seen from the air) and this is smooth enough for taking off or landing on. We would suggest it is walked and checked first.

There is a steep bank marking the limit of the site down to the stream to the West. The Pine trees on the approach from the South produce pronounced curlover.

Use the track that crosses the site for your reference point on the approach to counter the curlover. After touch down you will roll down into the small dip. Pleae do not approach low over any gliders waiting for a launch at the Southern end, this is not good airmanship - best to land either to one side or other or apporach higher and land "long".

Note that other gliders that have stopped in the dip will be invisible when you touch down. So plan your ground run to be well clear.

If landing slightly across the slope be ready to keep your wings level with the slope so your tips keep clear of any tussocks.

If the landing site is cluttered, you may wish to land long through the gap in the wall.

When launching in cross winds lay off the drift both on the way up the launch and at the top so the cable can drop clear of the trees.

See our Fees and charges for club members and visiting pilots.

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