Flying The Fells

At Edensoaring

The fells at Edensoaring are completely different from other hills used by our gliding clubs in Britain.

They are full of nooks and crannies allowing one to soar in many different wind conditions. Parts slope gently making one feel very low! Parts slope steeply giving very good lift, but rough in places.

So it’s an exciting challenge…..

Here are some notes to help you to soar safely:

Before launching be sure that an earlier launch has climbed away. Muska is not very roomy in marginal conditions.

The winch will give you about 1100 feet+ and if there is any west in the wind then the hill is easily reachable.

Set off for Muska Hill (Sharp Shears is the lower lump) and approach from Northern end by executing right turn across the face and in lift.
You will then S turn in the lift until you regain launch height and climb higher. Once established (1500ft) cross the front of Man at Edge and High Cap to soar Wildboar Scar. More experienced pilots may elect to use Man at Edge and High Cap with caution.

Note that you will be below the hill and be working up. The horizon is now no longer an indication of airspeed so check your airspeed constantly. Hill lift is close to the hill so tuck in and S turn to get away. Give any other glider on the hill in your vicinity a wide birth.
Note position of Skelling Farm. The large pale farm buildings are your landmark as is a small lake at Blencarn which points at the field.
We suggest that if the hill is difficult to work up then return to the airfield if you drop to 800 feet.

Unless you are very experienced do not go into Ousby Dale below 1500 ft above the airfield. Look at the contour map and you can see that the escape route would be difficult. Also make sure that you are in good lift when you do go onto the slopes of Ousby Dale.
In certain winds the saddle at the top of Cuns Fell can be very rough.

There is usually superb lift in the Melmerby Bowl . Gliding northwest from Melmerby one flies along a shallow part of the hill. In a good wind it does work, but one has to be fairly close (appearing low) to the hill. The Bikers Café at the top of Skelling Moor is a good landmark and good for breakfast too! Note escape routes to the benign fields below. But in actual fact if you are on Skelling Moor then you are no further than 4nm from our airfield anyway and can usually glide back from 1500’ QFE.

Gliding southeast from Muska Hill, the first good lift is on Man at Edge and High Cap. Watch out for paragliders!

Further south the hill works well especially by Crossfell. Take care not to be too close to the gentle slope just below Crossfell.

The huge ‘golf ball’ on Great Dun Fell is a startling landmark.

Further southeast High Cup Nick produces good lift in most westerly wind conditions. Further on we have the Warcop Danger Area. Here they explode unused ordinance and shells can travel thousands of feet into the air. Keep away unless it is after 2pm on a Sunday when they close. See notice in Clubhouse for other access.

The 50km task is Castle Carrock at the north end of the ridge to Great Rundale Tarn and back to Skelling a distance of 67km.

NOTE: This no longer qualifies for Silver distance.

Castle Carrock Dam NW



W side of dam wall north end of water


54 53.250N 002 42.743W

N end of Crossfell ridge 3.5 NMl S of Brampton, S of Castle Carrock village





Great Rundale Tarn



Tarn Centre


54 38.911N 002 25.201W

N of three Tarns (small lakes) on top of Crossfell ridge 6NMl NNE of Appleby. 2.5 NMl NE of Dufton (DUT) & half way to Cow Green Reservoir. Caution, rugged terrain




John Castle CFI    V3 May 2017

Contours on the hill

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