Costs and Charges

Gliding costs, membership fees and flying charges

The following table lists the main fees, costs and charges for 2019. These are subject to change. Please check with the flying field to make sure you are paying the correct rates.

  Full Dual Junior
Annual membership £250 pa* £125 £40
BGA Fees £30    
Member launch £12.50 £12.50 £8
Member soaring K13 40p/min 40p/min 20p/min
Member soaring IS28 45p/min 45p/min 20p/min
Member soaring Astir 77 40p/min 40p/min 20p/min
Member trailer £110 per year
Trial flight £90
includes 1 month temporary membership
Visitor membership £10 per day (&15 non-BGA members), £40 per week, £65 per month**
Visitor trailer £5 per day, £20 per week, £40 per month

* Members joining part way through the year will be charged £45/month + BGA fee
  (Only avaialble in the 1st year)

** Visitor membership per month includes check flight.

Want to fly with us, but worried about the cost? - As we are a CASC registered club we may be able to help. To discuss the options (in confidence) contact The Treasurer; Andy Thorburn, or The Company Secretary; Mark Crompton, using the contact us form

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