Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long the voucher is valid for?

A. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


Q. When does the club fly?

A. Edensoaring’s season is from beginning May until the end of October.  We fly 7 days a week weather permitting.


Q. Do you send out gift vouchers?

A. Yes, we send out trial lesson vouchers and one day course vouchers for a named individual: that being the person for whom the gift is intended of course!  The voucher is confirmation of the recipient’s entitlement for a trial lesson or one day course plus a free 30 day membership of Edensoaring.


Q. What is a “trial lesson”?

A. For legal reasons, gliding clubs cannot carry passengers.  During a trial lesson you become a member of crew under the instruction of a qualified instructor.  You will receive a pre-flight briefing tailored to your previous experience (which may be none at all) and then off you go.

Q. How long does the trial lesson last?

A. The trial lesson is either:-

·         A single soaring flight of up to 20 minutes, or

·         Two short flights which typically last from 4 to 8 minutes each


Q. How much is a trial lesson?

A. £75.


Q. What is a “one day course”?

A. The one day course is an extension of the voucher scheme where the students have priority use of a two seat training glider + instructor on that day.  The course run for two students and includes ground and flight tuition with the majority of the tuition concentrating on detailed briefings and as much handling of the controls when flying in the glider as is possible.  Don’t worry about finding a second student – we’ll book someone in on the same day if that works for them.

Q. How much flying do I do on a one day course?

A. The flying time on a one day course is 5 flights or total approx 50 minutes but up to 2 hours if conditions allow soaring flights


Q. How much is a one day course?

A. £150.


Q. What are the height and weight limitations?

A. There is no minimum age however, minimun weight is 7 stone / 98 lb / 44kg; maximum weight is 16 st / 224 lb / 102kg (we will weigh you if you are near the limit for safety reasons), maximum height is 6' 2" / 188cm.


Q. How long does the temporary membership last?

A. temporary membership is free and is for 30 days from the first flight.


Q. What do I get with temporary membership?

A. The opportunity to fly again as a club members and at members rates.


Q. How do I pay for a voucher?

A. Please pay via the “shop” page on the Edensoaring website.


The “BuyNow” button will take you to a PayPal page showing your order summary and giving you the option to pay with your PayPal account (if you have one) or to pay with a debit or credit card.


Alternatively, come to the airfield and we can take payment there. Cash or Cheques only. Sorry no Credit/Debit cards facility on site


Q. How do I pay if I don’t have a PayPal account?

A. You can pay by debit or credit card.


Q. How do I pay if I don’t have a PayPal account or a debit or credit card?

A. Arrange for someone else to pay on your behalf.

A. Contact the booking coordinator to arrange payment by cheque.

A. With cash or by cheque at the airfield.  (See also answer to “How do I get my voucher?” below).


Q. Where is the airfield?

A. North East of Penrith, Cumbria.

A. At Skelling Farm, Skirwith, CA10 1RL.

A. In Cumbria, 1000m North East of (CA10 1RL) on Google!



Q. When can I use my voucher?

A. Edensoaring’s season is from beginning of May until the end of October.  We fly voucher recipients commencing at 11am every day at convenient times byappointment (i.e. make “bookings”).

A. We endeavour to fly you at the appointed time subject to availability of aircraft and weather permitting.


Q. How do I get my voucher?

A. When you pay by PayPal (or debit or credit card) the bookings coordinator will email you asking for the Name, Email address and Mobile Number of the person who is going to fly.  Vouchers are only issued when we have contact details for the person who's going to fly and/or someone who is accompanying them on the day.

A. When pay by cash at the airfield and fly on the same day a voucher is not issued.

A. If you pay in advance for a voucher, the booking coordinator will contact you.  Please make sure your email address is recorded with your payment!


Q. Why do I have to give all these contact details?

A. So that we can get in touch with you on the day to cancel the appointment if it’s too wet or too windy (this is Cumbria!).


Q. What if the voucher is a birthday / Xmas present?

A. Let the booking coordinator know that the voucher is to be a present.  He won’t contact the recipient until well after Xmas and shortly after a birthday.


Q. How do I make an appointment / booking?

A. Contact the bookings coordinator.  He will ask you for your 3 most preferred dates + times and will endeavour to offer you one of them or suitable alternatives.  Surprisingly often he is able to offer the first choice.  If possible please make contact 2 months ahead of your preferred dates.


Q. Should I make an appointment / booking?

A. Yes. Contact the bookings coordinator.


Q. Am I guaranteed to fly if I make an appointment / booking?

A. No.  We endeavour to fly you at the appointed time subject to availability of aircraft and weather permitting.


Q. Can I just turn up to fly on any day?

A. Yes, but bear in mind we have a flying list that is on a first come first served basis.  Rather than be disappointed, we’d much prefer you to make an appointment or call the airfield to try to pick up an un-booked “voucher slot”.

A. See the “What to do on the day” info on your voucher.


Q. What happens if I don’t fly as arranged?

A. Contact the bookings coordinator to arrange a new appointment.

A. Turn up another day.  See the answer above and the “What to do on the day” info on your voucher.


Q. Can I bring family and friends along to watch the flight?

A. Yes, absolutely.  Bring a picnic and enjoy yourselves!


Q. Any other questions?

A. Contact the bookings coordinator.


Q. How do I contact the booking coordinator?

A. By the contact form or by telephone 07866 730 273.


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