A one-day course will introduce you to the exciting sport of gliding, giving you a full day of airborne and ground training for £175.00 (including a 30 day club membership). Day courses are operated during the week from Monday through to Friday.

"The complete gliding experience in a day...!"

pupil on a gliding day courseThe Edensoaring Gliding Club is located at the foot of the Pennines below Crossfell which is the highest point on the Pennine ridge. We regularly benefit from ridge lift and wave lift when the wind is in the right direction. Long flights are possible from the airfield with amazing views over the Eden Valley, Pennines and beyond to the Lake District fells.

The one-day courses allow you to not only experience the operations of a busy gliding operation but also to take part.

The priority is to teach you how to fly and every effort will be made to give you as much time in the air as possible. Whenever possible you will be given soaring flights providing the weather conditions allow. If the weather conditions are not suitable for soaring you will be given up to five flights of around 10 minute duration.


 You will also learn about:

  • launch point control operations (signalling, aircraft radio communications, log and flight recording),
  • how to attach a glider, and use the signals that get it into the air (they climb to over 1,000ft in less than 20 seconds)
  • how a glider is retrieved from the field (using retrieve vehicles and safe glider handling).

gliding club houseYour day will begin with an introduction to your instructor, followed by an airfield safety induction and a familiarisation session with your glider.

Your flight instruction will begin with an introductory winch launch to around 1200ft followed by up to four more winch launches throughout the day. This may vary depending on conditions.

During the day you will become an integral part of the club’s flying operations. You will work with other pilots learning to fly, assisting in launching more experienced pilots and even helping to launch a nervous pilot on his or her first solo flight.

You never know, you could soon become one of them if you decide to join the club.

You will be given a progress card which will record your flight times and these will count as progress towards flying solo.

On a busy weekend you may see more than 20 gliders, some with wingspans of over 20 meters, preparing for a cross country flights.


glider panelAt the end of the flying day your instructor will complete your progress card and explain how you can continue your flying training as a temporary member for 30 days from  your day course and join the club if you want to go further. 

You might also see the gliders you helped launch earlier returning from their cross country flights.

You too could soon be making the same kind of enjoyable flights, should you decide to take advantage of your free 30 day membership to continue with your training at club rates.

Further information is available by contacting us athttp://www.edensoaring.co.uk/contact. or just call us on 07866 730 273


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For safety reasons, all members and visitors who fly with Edensoaring must meet certain minimum medical requirements, and be neither too heavy nor too light for correct ballasting of the aircraft. The majority of people will meet these requirements with ease.

Visitors for day courses will be assessed by their instructor, as they will not be flying solo. You will need to be no more than than 6'2" tall, and weigh less than 220 pounds fully dressed. Very light pilots will be supplied with additional ballast, but it may not be possible to carry very small pilots if it is not possible to safely secure the additional ballast required. Thus it is unlikely that anyone under the age of about ten years would be able to be carried in a glider. Visitors flying as passenger or second pilot must not have any medical condition that might lead to a difficult or dangerous situation in flight. Please contact the club if you have any concerns.

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