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Edensoaring has been established since 2008. It is a British Gliding Association associate member (see the British Gliding Association website for more information on gliding in general). The club was formed to have a permanent base for soaring in the Eden valley, on the Northern Pennines and in The Lake District. This area gives amazing opportunites for us to soar high and far (and fly back home!) because of the different types of "lift" we find in abundance here.

The founder members started gliding in the area in 1974 during expeditions from the Cambridge University Gliding Club, in search of hills and mountains. Cambridge is rather flat! Our site at Skelling Farm, Skirwith, Penrith (CA10 1RL) lies at the foot of the Northern Pennine escarpment, close to Cross Fell. We find all types of lift. There is a long ridge for hill-lift in abundance, and also thermals and lee waves.  These can give climbs in excess of 20,000 ft - yes we need oxygen up there!

"Come along and try it. Soaring is simply amazing."


We open each year at the beginning of May and continue flying until the end of October. We then fly at other clubs when Skelling is closed (the ground becomes too soft during the winter months).

We have been granted "CASC" (Community Amateur Sports Club) status, which means we are a not-for-profit organisation. Membership is open to all. The club is Edensoaring Ltd., a company limited by guarantee and trading as "Edensoaring". So although it is a company, any profits are ploughed back into the club to provide equipment and facilities for furthering our aims. Our two training gliders are ASK13 for dual training and a ASK8 single seater for solo pilots but we're always looking to expand and improve the range of aircraft we offer.

We are also particularly keen to offer the opportunity of flying to young people - real action and adventure if you can drag yourselves away from the computer!... You can go solo from your 14th birthday, if you are up to the challenge and you have been trained to the right standard. Come along and try it. Soaring is simply amazing.

Pete Whitehead. Founder member (both my sons went solo at 16!).

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