New season successfully started


We had an extremely successful first day to the season with spin checks and launch failure exercises carried out in abundance and some soaring for those not ready for solo. The airfield is now set up and operational. Still a few jobs to do - like paint the club hut! 

News for Expeditions and Visiting Pilots


We are now taking bookings for clubs and individuals for the 2016 season.

We welcome club groups large and small. If you want to bring your club gliders or privately owned gliders we can accommodate approx 10 gliders. Pilots are not limited in numbers.

We continue with the same instructor line up in the new season and we encourage clubs to bring their own instructors.  Our resident instructors look after visitors with weather information, NOTAMs and briefings to suit the conditions.

We welcome pilots with all levels of ability and experience.  We offer training in ridge and wave techniques if required.

Launching is by Skylaunch and whilst it helps to arrive at Skelling Farm winch current we offer training and refreshers where necessary to get you safely and quickly airborne.

Directly over the site is clear to 19500ft therefore Diamond height is available without leaving the local area when the wave is working. The average winch launch achieves 1200ft starting height.

For the more adventurous who wish to go further a field there are Sea breezes from Morecombe Bay and the Solway Firth, a largely continuous 50km x 2000ft escarpment of Pennine ridge, many other areas accessible from the Eden Valley including the Lake District Mountains.

Fields around Skelling and as far as the M6 are OK if you cannot get back home.

If you want to discuss any aspect of your visit you may contact Ian Robinson on 07866 730 273.

To make that booking just get in touch via the contact form.

A 14 Year Old Solo Pilot at Edensoaring


On Friday the 23rd October we sent 14 year old Harry Caldwell solo at Edensoaring.

Harry had been with us for 2 weeks for some intensive training. It was his birthday on the 22nd October and he was ready to fly solo but the wind blew and blew all day. Sadly John Castle had to delay proceedings until the following day which dawned showery with low cloud. After flying some launch failure practise Harry had a flight in wave with John but had to wait for a suitable break in the weather for the big event. The window of opportunity opened at around 3.0pm and Harry calmly did the neccessary under the instructor's watchful gaze.

Harry is the 5th pilot to be sent solo at Edensoaring this season. Not bad for such a tiny club!

Well Done Harry!!!


End of Season Wave


We've had some amazing end-of-season wave with plenty of flights over 10,000'. Members enjoyed strong lift with the club's K8 climbing 6000' in 9 minutes during one flight.

Unfortunately it's time to start winding down as winter approaches. Many members will be flying at other sites which remain open all year round and have kindly offered reciprocal membership. If you're a member of one of these clubs then please take advantage and join us next season for some awesome soaring in and around the Lake District.

Second K13 Glider


The club is back to operating two K13's with the arrival of a K13 from Portsmouth. Thanks must go to Keith, John Castle, Mark and Mark for making it all possible and to Terry for an epic drive to collect her. She flies well and has already put a few hours in on the ridge. This should ensure that, even on those busy days, everyone gets to fly.


Winching Instructions Available


For anyone involved on the winch or intending to learn how to winch, please see the instructions added to the downloads page. Thanks.

Important Notice


Flying restarts 09:00, Saturday 5th September. Let's hope for good weather!

K13 to 9000 feet


With the July and August free daily membership scheme we have a few visitors on site.
The last 2 weeks has seen mainly Westerly winds and the ridge working nicely. It has also brought wave on many days. John & Shaun even coaxed the K13 to over 9000ft on Saturday. Slippery plastic gliders have been doing slightly better. Andy Jones flew his recently acquired Cirrus to 10000ft on his first wave flight at Skelling Farm.

Andys Memorable Flight


Eden Soaring, bit of a hike but well worth the effort (100-110 miles) from Burn approx 2 hours in an old Land Rover. Friendly club, good instruction on ground procedures and in the air on how to fly a ridge where to go and where not to go. Interesting looking back trying to find a grass field where you launched in and amongst lots of other grass fields when you're used to looking for cooling towers and a big tarmac triangle. Again a few points on local landmarks certainly made it easier.
We now have reciprocal membership so no problem there, just remember to take your membership card, medical cert and insurance for your glider if you intend to fly your own. Club gliders are two K13's (one is an old friend GBA).
With the formalities over I launched in the DG and had an amazing flight sampling thermal, ridge and soaring the sea breeze front and there was wave out front, I thought that I'd connected but...?? Travelled out to the edge of the lakes for a look and back what scenery just stunning. Can't wait to venture back and with some practice them mountains are a calling. One of the most memorable flights that I've had in a very long time.
If anyone from Eden gets wind of this note Thanks for a great day. I't won't be my last.

Andy Kitchen, Burn Gliding Club

Edencam Now Live!


Our edencam webcam is up and running with a permanent link from the top of every page.

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