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Modified Flying Orders 10/04/2019


Following a change to BGA procedures involving the Pre-Flight checks I have edited the Flying Orders slightly at 8.1.

This allows for delayed closing of the canopy in either misting or very hot conditions, ensuring that the canopy closed and locked check is done before cable attachment and launch.

There are also small changes to Check level privileges to accomadate the IS28

John Castle




The new Flying Orders for 2019 are on the download page. There is also information about the new radio channels following the change to 8.33kHz channel spacing.

Note our new local frequency of 129.980

John Castle


Season end


Sadly the 2018 soaring season at Skelling Farm has drawn to a close. It was a good year overall with spells of stunningly good weather in the first half followed by a greater than usual number of wave days in the last 2 months. Several new members and above all no accidents. As CFI I thank everyone, member and visitor, alike for their flying this year.

We can look forward to 2019 with relish but during our closed season one of our members, Frank Bradley will try to organise some informal trips to other clubs, I welcome this and will personally try to join in if time and othercommitments permit me. Please support Franks initiative.

John Castle

CFI Edensoaring GC

Junior training week 2018


Next week starting the 20th August 2018 we will be holding a Junior training week to advance our junior members along their gliding careers. As well as offerring dedicated training we are also giving them the opportunity to bring a friend along for a flight at a much reduced rate during the week Mon to Fri.

Tony Walker who is the Duty Instructor will be running this week and will also be hoping for good weather to maximise the week. He will also be running some low key class room sessions to ensure the theory part of learning to fly is not missed.

members are welcome to fly long side this activity and can always help Tony with the organisation of the field

John Castle


Some achievements by members


Earlier this year Andy Jones completed his Silver C with a flight to Gretna and Jon March gained his FI (R) Instructor rating.

Kieth Nattress and Mike Dodd went away to The Gliding Centre and obtained there X/C endorsements. Mike subsequently did the 50 Km and Height gain for Silver C on a flight from Skelling Farm to the seaside at Silloth and on Tuesday he flew for 5 hrs to complete his Silver C.

Fiona Campbell, a 15yr old Junior member was sent Solo afer some intensive training and today also flew on the ridge Solo for the first time. Fiona then did the 1 hour flight required for Bronze.

John Castle



This is becoming a great season!


Despite the "unsuitable" winds we have had some excellent soaring conditions.

So far:

2 x 50Km silver legs flown, a silver height, 2 x X/C endorsements gained, several X/C flown and 2 safe landouts

Not bad so far from a small but enthusiastic club.

And we are only half way through the season yet.......... more to come I hope.

Keep flying, stay safe

John Castle CFI


6000 ft QFE Cloud base 1st July


The members and visitors that were enjoying soaring over the Eden Valley today were treated to an excellent days flying. Over the Pennines high ground it was even higher at more than 6500ft QFE and Martin Sandwith who ventured more than 100 Km North reported 6800ft QFE.

What a marvellous playground we have.

John Castle


The wind is back!


After over 4 weeks of very nice weather in an Easterly airstream I am pleased to report that we have the return of steady SW'ly winds this week and they will very likely stay with us for the next 2 weeks or more.

Immediately we have had wave climbs to almost 8000ft and Silver X/C legs being completed by our eager pilots.

Currently Ian Ashton (CFI of Bowland Forest) is in charge. I expect he will be joined by some of his own club members throughout the next week. Its always nice to see new faces enjoying our fabulous Skelling Farm airfield in the beautifull Eden Valley and overlooked by Crossfell.

John Castle


The season so far


The 2018 season started very well. for the first 3 weeks we have had lots of good soaring weather, both thermal and ridge. The field is remarkably dry after the winters snow and rain.

After the members enjoyed sole use of the field for the first 2 weeks we have welcomed visitors from Nene Valley and Husbos. Unfortunately this coincided with some really nice weather. Only 1 day was lost to an unflyable Easterly wind but the rest of the week was only thermic. Nearly everyone got away each day and some long flights over the Edenvalley and the Lakes were enjoyed. Then as they departed for home the inevitable SW'ly blew up. Derek Coker and Tony Walker had stayed on for the weekend and enjoyed 2 ridge days.

Sadly were are currently plagued by a steady Easterly air stream however when possible we are still flying under the supervision of Ed Foxon.


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