2021 Update


Unfortunately we have not been able to secure adequate insurance for the Club so we must remain mothballed until further notice. There is no point in us approaching insurers until the liability claim has been resolved. In the meantime we are working with the BGA to make us look more attractive to an insurer in the future. 

Keith Nattrass

2021 season update


Unfortunately Edensoaring has been unable to open so far in 2021. Due to an unresolved liability claim we are currently unable to get fleet insurance and therefore cannot fly the K13s to train people or carry out check flights. We have exhausted our options for insurance at this stage and will be holding a Directors meeting in the next few days to decide what our next actions are.


Phoebus 17C


The Phoebus 17C donated to Edensoaring by Don Austin is now at the workshop in Denbigh and will be ARCd ready for the 2021 season. This is a 1/42 glide angle fibreglass aircraft which will suit experienced pilots. We expect conversion training to be done in the IS28, Rob Hanks will determine the criteria required to fly it once he has flown it himself.


2020 and 2021


Due to Covid 19 and the financial implications it brought we have been unable to operate from Skelling Farm this year. Some members have done a bit of flying at other Clubs that were able to operate.

We intend to operate fully next season, starting on 1st May 2021 at Skelling Farm. Any Covid guidelines will be adhered to to make the environment as safe as possible. Trial Lessons are expected to start 2 weeks later.

We also intend to hangar and use a K13 at Lleweni Parc, Denbigh for at least a couple of months leading up to May. Start date is likely to be decided by the weather. This will give us an opportunity to get our feet off the ground and get current again before flying at Skelling.

Rob Hanks is continuing as CFI for the 2021 season.

Keith Nattrass

The 2019 Season ends


Sadly we have reached the end of the 2019 season a little early due to water logging of parts of our airfield.

The unprecedented rainfall of the last few weeks forced us to take this decision for reasons of safety and the future condition of the field into 2020.

Fear not, our AGM was a positive evening which ended in the Fox at Ousby for the traditional meal. Many ideas were voiced, thoughts and develpoments are afoot for 2020 and weather permitting we look forward to another good year at Skelling Farm.

Thanks to all our members and many visitors for support in 2019. We look forward to meeting again in 2020

John Castle

Re-solos and lots of flying


Last week Stuart Mair re-soloed after a return to gliding following a long absense.

This week Andy Ratcliffe also re-soloed after 22 years away from the sport. Andy is a lapsed instructor and has an collection of badges and more than a few hours in his logbook. He had already purchased a nice Standard Cirrus and I was happy to clear him to fly it. He did a 5 hour and 15 min flight today which was just his second day in it and just for the sheer fun of it as he already has Silver C.

We have had a good run of both thermic and ridge days recently. A visiting group from PNGC have been flying our entire fleet almost nonstop since Friday when they arrived and when the new pilots were then quickly checked out with the necessary checks. Monday 5th August was a particularly good day with 15kts SW'ly straight on the ridge and thermal activity. 17 launches included 1 Trial Lesson, 2 check flights and 3 ridge instructional flights. The visitors and a few members then totalled almost 26 hours of air time.

It was great to see the Club so active on a weekday.

John Castle  CFI

What a week so far!


So far this week we have had the good news that both Andy Jones and Mike Dodd have passed their Assistant Instructor courses. My congratulations at this important step in their gliding careers and for the Club.

Our 1st Solo this year. Mark Millard who joined us after a 1 day course last year was sent solo today.

I am sure he will be joined by others during the season. Gliding's great!

John Castle CFI

Gliders fitted with Turbos


It is now agreed that the previous rules with regard to the use of turbos can be changed.

In future a turbo may be started immediately after the winch launch and used to move away from the vicinity of the airfield avoiding overflying Skirwith, Ousby and Melmerby villages. Immediate circling is not however permitted.

This allows those fortunate enough to have a glider so equiped to motor to that cloud that is just out of gliding range!

FES powered gliders are not restricted in any way.

Microlights and self launching are not permitted.

John Castle

CFI Edensoaring

Radio frequencies


Everyone should be aware that we are now using 129.980 for local tranmisions.

There is also a change to our call sign. We must now use Eden Radio from and to the ground. Calls using Eden Base will not be answered from our ground mobile radio.

Please be further aware that a change to an alternative frequency is required above 3000ft QFE As use of a common channel will assist situation awareness I propose we adopt 130.130 above 3000ft QFE from Skelling Farm.

John Castle



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